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In their quest to quench thirst for education, the gifted children are experiencing unimaginable challenges. It is heart-breaking that in this era, young clueless children cannot acquire decent education simply because the rights to even a basic education have been claimed by their state of being orphans and vulnerable.
Gifted children Kenya, a non-profit organization, has taken an initiative of ensuring the orphans and vulnerable children (now called gifted) around Lake Victoria’s Uyawi beach and beyond acquire basic education, right from their early years of learning to the far that they can reach with their education, so long as they have the will and the ability.
However, in our struggle to offer education, we face some challenges. We have no classrooms and currently rely on a church building, which hosts three classes, learning at the same time. It is disturbing that the children even lack adequate chairs and lockers, contributing to their discomfort in the classroom.
Additionally, a majority of the children lack basic needs like uniforms and meals. Being vulnerable, most times they come to school without proper uniforms and on empty stomachs. The school is still in the process of organizing for their meals.
We are therefore appealing to all kind-hearted people to walk this journey with us. With your kind donations, we can be in a position to give quality to these gifted but vulnerable children. We can construct them a decent school, gift them uniforms, desks, meals and stationery. From our well-wishers, I hope our children can get sponsors too.
Kindly donate today to deliver a child from the lethal shackles of ignorance.


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