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Welcome world and interact with these God given children. Judging from the picture, you may conclude that children around the scenic Uyawi beach have everything to smile about. The beautiful scene in the picture hides a lot. It hides tears of multiples of children who cannot afford descent education due to matters beyond their control. it hides tears and sweat of grandparents and guardians left to look after children who lost their parents at unreasonable ages. It hides the plight of orphans and vulnerable children living along the beaches of lake Victoria. At very tender ages, the children get exposed to fishing activities as a way of fending for survival. That automatically cuts their thirst for education. The best news is that your kind donation can save them from the enticing fishing activities which will ultimately lead them to their fate. Your donation can also build them a home where they are guarded, encouraged, clothed, fed, and above all, given a genuine company. You can be part of that company too.


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