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Gifted children is a school that targets orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Located at Uyawi beach along the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria, the school admits and provides for the basic needs of young children who lose their parents to deadly diseases like HIV/ AIDS, cancer, Covid-19 among others.

Apart from catering for the education and basic needs of these unfortunate children, we also subject them to early identification of their gifts and talents, to avoid a likely condition of them failing to know their gifts and talents simply because they are vulnerable. Who said that vulnerable children lack gifts and talents?

Primarily focusing on a subsequent generation that is virtuous and knows God, we encourage them to be change makers through education and activities that keep them away from the common vices along beaches like drug abuse, child labour, underage sex, theft, among more.

Currently, our school can accommodate only 20 vulnerable children, though plans are in place to expand it and to construct an orphanage within the school. It is deeply heartbreaking to deny some deserving orphans a chance to learn in our school due to financial constraints. Additionally, its saddening that our school cannot have a boarding facility to serve as an orphanage for the kids due to limited funds, forcing the kids to seek accommodation from relatives or guardians. Only two children are accommodated with us so far.

We would wish to do more to the kids but we are forced to operate within our financial limits. With less than three years old, we have acquired additional space for construction of the orphanage, and a church that would nourish our kids spiritually and maintain them along the moral tracks. We are in desperate need of a church for spiritual growth and an orphanage for accommodation of the kids. We would be more than glad to receive missionary teams, who would assist us with the building and capacity building for our staff and volunteers.

The only thing our organization wants is to make a difference in our community, and change-making begins at the foundation, which spiritually is the church and physically are the young kids and their schooling. As it is now, even the adults in our community are still dependent due to poor schooling at the foundation stages, making them to engage in virtues which we would not want to see among the incoming generations. If adults are in this situation, what is the future of the vulnerable kids that should emulate them?

To be change makers, we must engage the adults and children in education. Our adults need to know farming and crop cultivation skills, so that they get engaged and find no time for undesirable activities. Additionally, expenses on food will considerably reduce, and the savings will cater for other needs like education of children.

To sustain all these, we need help. Feel free to contact us if you would want to know how you can partner with us or how you can assist this organization.