No one chooses to feel pain but a great heart chooses to relieve pain. Gifted children need you


Support Towards Education and Basic needs

You can help support an orphan and vulnerable child acquire education through provision of learning materials, stationery, uniform or shoes. To learn peacefully, the child also needs basic needs like food and clothing. Sponsor a child’s education today and brighten a face.

Help Us Acquire Decent Classrooms

Currently gifted children has only 20 vulnerable children yet it wants to assist as many children as possible. The limiting factor here is classrooms. If you could help us construct more classrooms, it would be significant in making us reach out for many children whose desire to get better education has been limited by vulnerability and unplanned orphanhood. With many children getting access to better education, the vices in the community like robbery and drug abuse will significantly reduce since an independent generation will be created. Help us construct a classroom today.

Help Us Connect Water to the school

The kids currently rely on untreated water from the lake since there is no piped or treated water in the entire community. The untreated water frequently causes them stomach upsets and exposes them to waterborne diseases. With your help, we can connect piped water to the school, or pump water from the lake into reservoir tanks, cumulatively treat the water, and connect it via pipes to reach the school. By helping us get clean water, you will not only be helping the children and the school, but you’ll be rescuing the entire community from the chains of dirty water. Unchain a community from dirty water today.

Help Us Construct an orphanage and a church for the kids

To monitor their welfare fully, our children need to stay with us in the school compound but due to limited finances, we cannot accommodate all of them. Most of them are therefore forced to stay with their guardians (some of whom are aged-up), and commute to school daily. We are therefore appealing to everyone who feels concerned about the welfare of the children to donate towards the construction of an orphanage. Upon staying at the orphanage, the children need spiritual guidance and moral growth. It would be better if they have a church within the compound, and programs suited for their needs.

Be a volunteer

The school is in need of volunteers like teachers, cooks, motivational speakers, pastors and counsellors to play key roles in the growth and development of these children. Among the children’s major needs is hopes that tomorrow will be better, despite the awful circumstances and the toddler age in which most of them lost their parents. Volunteer today and join us putting a smile on children’s faces.